Face and Body Waxing

Obtain your ideal brow shape or remove unwanted body hair with waxing. We are certified and use Berodin wax products, a luxury wax line. Our technicians take care of your skin when waxing, we use only the best products to cleanse the skin before and nourish the skin afterward.

Berodin wax was created by The Wax Queen, Lori Nestore and is considered the best in the industry. It has a polymer formulation and applied at a low temperature. This makes it gentle on the skin, while still effectively removing the hair. Your skin will be soft and hair free when you leave the spa.  Individual timeframes and results may vary.

the Studio Med Spa will provide you with your ideal brow shape, with customized eyebrow waxes. We also wax the face, upper lip, chin, arms, underarms, legs, back, chest, brazilian and bikini line.

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