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DiamondGlow | The 3-in-1 Facial Your Skin Needs

DiamondGlow is more than a regular facial. This comprehensive treatment uses recessed diamond tip wands to deliver ultimate skin resurfacing. When you receive your DiamondGlow facial, you’re getting three treatments in one: exfoliation, extraction, and nourishment.

If you want to experience the best in skin resurfacing and rejuvenating, contact The Studio Medspa. We are a primary provider of exceptional DiamondGlow facials in the Parker, Colorado area. Call us at 720-535-8059 to learn more about this skin treatment and how it can instantly improve your appearance.

Benefits of DiamondGlow Treatments

  • Optimal rejuvenation and resurfacing
  • Smooth, glowing skin
  • Look instantly more youthful
  • Unclogs pores
  • Removes oil and debris
  • Evens skin tone & texture
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Eliminates dull, dry complexions
  • Repairs damage beneath the skin

DiamondGlow Before and After*

DiamondGlow before and after pictures show the dramatic results possible with this facial. Each person pictured shows off skin that looks more youthful, glowing, and radiant. Their skin texture and tone are more even. In addition, their skin is free from debris. As always, results will vary.* However, when you select a reputable professional like The Studio Medspa for your DiamondGlow treatment, you can expect similar results.

DiamondGlow Technology

The DiamondGlow technology consists of a 3-in-1 treatment. The dermabrasion wand exfoliates the skin using actual crushed diamonds in the wand’s tip. In addition, it also extracts any impurities on the skin and infuses the skin with nourishing, repairing serums.

Step One: Exfoliation

DiamondGlow uses a dermabrasion system equipped with a patented diamond tip wand. This handheld device gently exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells, and eliminates debris or buildup from the skin’s surface. As a result, one DiamondGlow facial eliminates dull, dry, and congested skin tissue.

Step Two: Extraction

The extraction process consists of deep pore cleansing. While the wand exfoliates the skin, it pulls out impurities deep within the pores. This device easily removes oil, and other micro debris found deep down in the pore. In addition, the combination of resurfacing therapies unclogs the pores and leaves the skin more responsive to topical skincare.

Step Three: Nourishment

The last step of the DiamondGlow facial experience uses professional-grade serums to nourish the skin. Not only do the serums provide nourishing ingredients, but they also repair and protect the skin on a cellular level.

Is DiamondGlow Right For Me?

DiamondGlow is a versatile facial treatment. The dermabrasion system features a diamond wand with 6 different wand tips available. The various devices mean this facial can be customized to fit the needs of everyone, no matter their skin type or texture.

The best way to determine if DiamondGlow is suitable for you is by scheduling a consultation with The Studio Medspa. During your consultation, your skin is evaluated by a professional skincare specialist. If they determine DiamondGlow treatments are the best option for your skin needs, they customize a plan that achieves optimal skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.

The DiamondGlow Experience at The Studio Medspa

DiamondGlow facials only last for 30 minutes. Each session delivers a relaxing, painless experience. No downtime or recovery is required after the treatment. Patients can return to their daily routine as usual. Patients who select The Studio Medspa as their premier DiamondGlow provider enjoy a facial in our luxury facility. We work hard to ensure each patient receives the most relaxing experience with treatments that provide transformative results.

DiamondGlow Results

Most DiamonGlow patients report their skin immediately looks more vibrant and youthful. Improvements to the skin continue to show up as the serums repair damage and rejuvenate the skin. DiamondGlow provides a high-quality system allowing for immediate and progressive results after just one session. Treatments are gentle and provide instantly radiant skin. Best of all, no downtime is required.

DiamondGlow Side Effects

DiamondGlow is a powerful treatment. It is also very gentle on the skin with minimal side effects. The most common side effects patient experience is a slight stinging sensation during the facial. Some people may also experience temporary redness and minimal swelling. Each side effect is mild and dissipates on its own within a few days. If you have any questions or concerns about the facial, you can discuss them with one of our knowledgeable treatment specialists at The Studio Medspa.

How Much Does DiamondGlow Cost?

The cost for a DiamondGlow treatment varies. This facial is customized to fit the unique needs of each person. Therefore, the prices will be different for everyone. The best way to receive your DiamondGlow cost is to schedule a consultation. A skincare specialist evaluates your skin and listens to your aesthetic goals during this visit. They use this knowledge to build a plan equipped with the correct diamond tips and serums to help you achieve the most dramatic results at an affordable rate.

DiamondGlow Near Me

If you want to learn more about DiamondGlow and its revolutionary skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, contact The Studio Medspa. We provide patients with exceptional DiamondGlow facials in Parker, CO. Call us at 720-535-8059 to schedule your consultation and discover how skin resurfacing can change your skin forever.


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